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VR Experience
In Development


︎ Ideation Incubator
︎ Visual Lead / Art Director / Branding
︎ UI/UX Lead
︎ Point Cloud Capture

Perhaps one of my professional career's most challenging and innovative projects HUMAN WITHIN, is an Interactive Cinematic Virtual Reality experience that marries three different visual languages: Live-action footage in 2d and 360º format, a CGI environment, and Point Cloud video.

I had the opportunity to lead a team of 12 artists and developers for over two years in the quest to achieving a coherent and authentic experience with a unique pipeline and a set of novel features.

Cinematic VR
Published _ 2019

︎ Director of Photography
︎ UI/UX Lead
︎ Visual Lead / Art Director / Branding


After the tragic death of their 5-year-old son, a family struggles with his loss and attempts to mend their frayed bonds. Experience the struggle through the child’s ghostly eyes and explore AFTERLIFE’S MULTIVERSE of different realities as the family acknowledges his absence, or presence, in their own lives.

Virtual Reality Film with Seamless Interactivity and a Branching Narrative with 29 branching points, 5000+ unique playthroughs, and multiple endings.

360 Dance Video
Published _ 2017

︎ Ideation Incubator
︎ Visual Lead
︎ Director of Photography
︎ Branding

As the world seems to move overwhelmingly fast, there are time spans that confer a pause and fuels the spirit. “Enter Our Space,” tells the story of a sensible young man who notices our presence on the scene and knows we are there for a reason. He has a gift for us, and with that present, we can magically loom the space as well as him when needed. The action takes place on an empty city street at night.

By using a native DSLR camera mount, the team conceived and developed this concept video for the Oculus Store.  

Cinematic VR
Published _ 2018

︎ Director of Photography
︎ Still Photographer
︎ Branding

Shot in Cinematic VR format, “Kidnapped” is an interactive 360 / 3D immersive experience that will transport the viewer to the haunting world of kidnapping, turning him/her into a kidnapping victim for 10 minutes. This short film tells the story of a person who, after being kidnapped by an insurgent group, is held captive in the jungles of Colombia and chained from his neck to a tree for over 11 years.

Developed through an international New Media
co-development incentive between ProImagenes Colombia and CMF Canada.

I worked closely with the Technical and Narrative Leads to achieve the studio's first Seamless Interactive branching narrative experience.

2011 - 2018

︎ Director of Photography
︎ Color Correction

‘THE WEDDING’ from LittleBigPlanet3: The Journey Home.
Music video created for the latest story DLC Journey Home from the LittleBigPlanet 3 video game developed by Sumo Digital and Media Molecule for Sony Computer Entertainment.

Promo video created for Toronto artist.

Promo video created for Montreal fashion designer.

For the latest release from Toronto-based Indie artist Paul Allan, director Luisa Valencia, explores the lifelong journey of learning and expression that music has meant for the artist through a road metaphor.

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