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Juan Palacio's obsession with understanding and reflecting the world around him through image led him to study photography, becoming his first love.
During his 20s, he also studied marketing and graphic design. Eventually, he secured a position in an advertising agency, where he started his path to becoming a visual storyteller to inspire and engage at a glance. Moving very comfortably as visual language is part of his nature, he worked on textile print and merchandising for DIESEL Latin America and MARITHÉ+FRANCOIS GIRBAUD Latin America. 

After a few years, he became the founder of a creative studio focusing on Video Production and Branding for independent musicians. The studio created the music video for the latest story DLC Journey Home from the LittleBigPlanet 3 video game developed by Sumo Digital and Media Molecule for Sony Computer Entertainment.

The leap from this to the world of immersive experiences came from his second love: his wife, who had already succumbed to the immersive media's allure and who ignited his curiosity.
Palacio became the Art Director of an interactive studio specializing in immersive XR entertainment, video games, and audio production. In this position, he created the visual image of Virtual cinematic experiences from the initial concept of the virtual space to graphic design elements such as logos and the development and execution of all the pieces' identity. His team achieved two Awards at Raindace International Film Festival: Best Cinematic Experience and Best Debut Experience. 

Juan's next professional curiosity that will soon become an obsession is to create large-scale, site-specific, digital immersive experiences or immersive art installations.

Email: palaciojuan@mac.com | Mobile: (1) 514 377 7623
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